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FLACSO Argentina

FLACSO Argentina The Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) was founded in 1957 by UNESCO. FLACSO is an international, intergovernmental, regional and autonomous organization with representations in different Latin American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico.

At the time of its inauguration in Argentina (1974) FLACSO was a pioneer in postgraduate education within the nation. Currently it offers a PhD Programme in Social Sciences, 19 Masters with numerous specializations, postgraduate courses and seminars as well as distance learning. The Master's degree in Global Studies is situated in the area of Ethics, Rights and Global Public Goods.

Further information: www.flacso.org.ar and contact

About Buenos Aires

FLACSO-Argentina is located in the busy downtown of Buenos Aires, one of the most important cities and cultural centers on the continent. Following the deep crisis in 2001, the entire country and the city of Buenos Aires in particular have been living a renaissance. This renaissance is evident in the emergence of original social movements and reindustrialization and intensification of regional integration processes.

FLACSO Argentina StudentsHowever, the effervescence of the city can be experienced particularly in the culture. The explosion of arts and media activities (from cultural industries to popular theatre in neighborhoods) and the development of fine creative sectors (winner of the title "UNESCO-Design City") in combination with a cosmopolitan way of life and a large immigrant tradition offer a laboratory of cultural differentiation and globalized hybridization.

Strongly influenced by European culture, Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as the "Paris of South America". It has numerous public libraries and cultural associations as well as the largest concentration of active theatres in Latin America.

Further information about Buenos Aires: www.turismo.buenosaires.gob.ar

Here you can find an information document (pdf-file) about the estimated living costs for students in Buenos Aires.