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Students Cape TownMore than 650 students from 60 countries have joined the programme. One third of the graduates have moved on to do a PhD, around one third work in international organisations and NGOs, while the remaining third have entered various fields such as politics, journalism or business. The programme received many high-ranking awards such as the BMW Group Award for Intercultural Learning (2004) and the title of a Top Ten International Master Programme in Germany by the DAAD and the Stifterverband der deutschen Wissenschaft (2006).



Student life

You want to know what it is like to study together with a diverse group of student from all around the globe? In this video, GSP-student Hangyu Lee gives an insider's perspective of student life, focusing on the time he spent in Freiburg. 


Origin of students



Western Europe 36 %
Asia and Oceania 17 %
North America 13 %
Africa 12 %
Latin America 12 %
Eastern Europe 10 %

Origin of Students