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Welcome to Global Studies Programme (Master in Social Sciences)

The Global Studies Programme (GSP) is a two-year Master's degree programme in Social Sciences. The programme is jointly organized by University of Freiburg (Freiburg), Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok), FLACSO Argentina (Buenos Aires), Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi) and University of Cape Town (Cape Town). Students from around the world study at three of the five universities and learn to approach the world and globalization from various regional perspectives and disciplines.

This programme's curriculum includes sociology, political science, anthropology and geography. Since 2002, more than 500 students from more than 60 countries have travelled to the participating institutions to gain a rounded perspective on globalization with special emphasis on the Global South. The multicultural experience of the programme is enhanced by its diverse and practical composition. The students participate in an international and academic culture.

The programme received many high-ranking awards such as the BMW Group Award for “Intercultural Learning” in 2004 and the Label of „Top Ten International Master’s Degree Programme“ in Germany from the DAAD and the Stifterverband der deutschen Wissenschaft in 2006.

Is the Global Studies Programme for me?

If you have a Bachelor's degree in social science or one of the other disciplines mentioned above as well as good proficiency in English, you are warmly invited to apply.

The programme begins each year in April and ends in summer two years later. The application deadline is November 30th.