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The GSP semester

Academic Focus

The topics of focus within the term at Chulalongkorn University are globalization, global governance, cultural change, and research methodology. These topics will be studied with an emphasis on Asia and Southeast Asia.

Course offer

Normally, there are four courses on offer, one for each module. Depending on the current capacities, there might also be additional alternative courses that students can choose from.

As of now, these four obligatory classes are Thai and Southeast Asian Peoples and Cultures, Globalization and Development in the Asia and Pacific Region, Research Methods in Development Studies, and Seminar in Global Governance. Please note that the course offer is currently being revised and the information provided here will be updated soon.

Students are also free to look for other courses being offered by the other English-speaking programmes. Whether the credits for these outside courses can be counted towards one of the GSP modules depends on the content of the classes and needs to be checked individually with the coordinators in Freiburg.

Course format

The predominant course formats are lectures and discussions. Group sizes usually range between 25 and 40 students per class. Some of the courses are attended exclusively by GSP students, while other courses are offered as joint courses together with other degree programmes. The local degree programmes we are cooperating with are the European Studies Programme, the Thai Studies Programme, and the Development Studies Programme.


The usual examination formats are student presentations during the term as well as term papers. The official final examination period is around the end of April and beginning of May, but some classes might finish earlier and have the exam prior to this period.

Academic culture

Usually students can reach their lecturers outside the classes by email or through the course coordinator. Individual meetings can be arranged if needed.

The general language of instruction at Chulalongkorn University is Thai, but all courses in the international programmes (including GSP) are taught in English. Currently, there are 19 English-speaking programmes being offered at the Bachelor level, 55 English-speaking programmes at the Master level, and 40 English-speaking doctoral degrees. More information is available here. Students interested in learning Thai are welcome to attend language courses offered by the Faculties of Arts.

Living and studying

There are varieties of accommodation choices close by the university grounds and in other areas around Bangkok that students can search for themselves. An international student dorm is also available on the campus. Students interested in staying in the international student dorm will need to contact the GSP coordinators at Chulalongkorn University beforehand to make a reserveration.

If the students are not living in walking distance to the university, the best way to get to class is by using BTS Sky Train (Siam Station and National Stadium Station) or MRT underground train (Samyan Station). Public bus lines are also available, but are not recommended during rush hour due to traffic.

There are several libraries and canteens available around the campus. A sport complex, health and wellness center, and co-working & studying spaces are available for students on campus as well. Most of the facilities are within 5 to 15 minutes walking distance from each other.